Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hermitage Bakery

Big Spoon and I had a cake tasting at Hermitage Bakery today during which we reserved our date and discussed our wedding cake.

I drive by the bakery every morning on my way to work and it was a matter of calling and asking for a price late last year. After we decided to go this route, I realized that part of my problem with the exorbitant prices some vendors charge for wedding cakes is due to the fact that I just want a plain cake. No fondant (um, ew!), no fancy-smancy decorations - plain ivory cake.

The "look" for our wedding cake is based on this picture. It will be a three-tier, ivory cream cheese frosted cake with a cream/gold ribbon. The top and bottom tiers will be traditional white wedding cake, the middle tier will be chocolate.

They are very easy to work with and have reasonable delivery rates, although we have opted to pick ours up the day of rehearsal because we have run of the reception hall and kitchen. That saved us $50! Also, we lucked out by scheduling our consultation today because, although they have not changed their prices in 14 years, they are in fact about to change their prices.

Needless to say, it's exciting to have another check on the planning list and enjoy the delicious cake samples we brought back with us.

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