Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Bands: Part 1 - Little Spoon

We are less than five months from our wedding day and the time has come to consider wedding bands. Let me preface this post by saying that I have been looking for several weeks now. Big Spoon suggested that we wait until late summer to shop for bands, mostly so I didn't drive him crazy and also so that I would have more time to consider the budget and my current "wants". The two don't always coincide. Instead of scaring you with revealing the budget we set for bands (here's a hint, we forgot to put it in the original budget), I'll make sure to put it in the breakdowns after the big day :)

See that little pink arrow? Little did I know, my "unique" setting would be so difficult to pair with a band of any sort. The two beveled diamonds on the side prevent me from buying a plain 'ol round band. After shopping online, in major chains and a few hometown jewelry stores, we've come to the conclusion that I need to a) have a plain band "notched" to fit the beveled diamond on the side of my solitaire, b) buy a contoured band and weld it to my engagement ring or c) have a ring custom made ($$$).

Yeah ... anyway, after Big Spoon humored me several times now and went band shopping anyway, I had an "ah ha!" moment yesterday. Hold on to your seats, folks. I bought my wedding band for a grand total of $52.93 (without sizing). Whoa wa-what? YES. I am the queen of bargains ... for today, at least.

Really though, here's how it went down: is an online jewelry retailer I became aware of through my Discover card. I luv my Discover card* and have been saving my Rewards cash back credit for our wedding. While shopping online, I checked my Discover card's rewards retailers and found Ultra Diamonds. I went to their website and found the band above for $299.00 (which is already a steal compared to other places). It's almost exactly like ones I have tried on at the major retail stores, but for much less. Combine the already great price with their current $100 off promo code and my Discover e-certificates redeemed specifically for Ultra Diamonds and voila! A $260 savings! 

I ordered the ring un-sized so that if it doesn't work out, I can return it within 30 days. They have a fair return policy and good customer service. I just couldn't wait for it to come in before I blogged about it! I'm hoping it can save someone out there some money. Specifically, if the quality of the diamonds in your band are less important to you than those in your engagement ring. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 when we reveal Big Spoon's wedding band! 

*We were in no way compensated for this blog post by either Discover Card or Ultra Diamonds. We like a good deal and we're telling our readers about it. Good day to you.


  1. Hee - and we can stay within our budget for bands with such a fabulous find :) Apparently, I'm going to have to try some things on to see if I can keep on my budgetary target, too. Freakin' unresizable metals that seem to be all the rage these days.

  2. My e-ring is a solitaire and I also had a hard time finding a band. In the end, I chose a band that has a sort of woven design, so it's not straight across anyways. I posted it on my blog awhile back. Glad you finally found something- I know that's a relief!

  3. Update: it came in the mail yesterday! It's beautiful, but the contour isn't quite deep enough. I think it will work anyway. I'm going to have it sized over the weekend and ask them to reset my e-ring because the diamond is set crooked.

    I'm going to look up that post right now, Ms. SE!