Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Our" Blog

Hello! Little Spoon here ... First thing's first ... we are NOT engaged. Gasp! No, really. We aren't. At least, not yet. However, as a stubborn, practical and Southern DIY bride, I have every intention of planning my own wedding, arranging my own flowers, designing our invitations and just about anything else I can manage to do in 20 months. We have set a date, booked a photographer and have our name on a list for our favorite venue. We even have a budget spreadsheet! I've seen tons of wedding blogs about the bride and her planning process, but I've yet to see a "couple's" blog. Big Spoon has already proved to be incredibly supportive and participatory with the wedding pre-planning - and being that he is the groom and all - why not collaborate on this experience as well?

Since I will be sharing this blog with our friends and family, I am foregoing (for now) the more popular "wedding websites" that I have seen friends do over the years. I believe this is a much more interactive way to tell our story - from the first few months to day-to-day planning and beyond- and keep my wedding inspiration in one place.

I decided as I began this that it would be pertinent to record our love story. Looking back at something I wrote in the beginning of our relationship - only five months ago - I marvel at the direction my life has taken and how quickly we knew that we want this to last a lifetime. I hope that this is the first of hundreds of stories for us.

Thanks for reading!

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