Thursday, January 28, 2010

Every Last "Detail"

Once upon a time, Little Spoon and Miss Jasmin began planning their weddings together ...They were three weeks apart. I was going to be Miss Jasmin's bridesmaid and Miss Jasmin would be floral artist extraordinaire for us.

Like many plans, things changed. Miss Jasmin decided that having a wedding in her native state of California would suit her nicely. I was very sad because, being my wedding year too, I have no extra vacation time to get to a remote location in NoCal. I struggled with what to do for weeks and finally told Miss Jasmin that I might not make it and in a gesture of fairness, asked Miss Jasmin if she still wanted to make beautiful flowers for our wedding.

And she does! Whew! I'll keep you updated on how things unfold, but in the meantime ... on to the announcement ....

Big Spoon and I talked for several weeks about the possibility of not being at Miss Jasmin's wedding, during which the idea surfaced that we should hire a wedding coordinator. Big Spoon was not on board at first due simply to the question of "they're going to do what for how much? Um .... " There's a lot more to it, but we'll skip along.

After contacting several reputable planners and companies, I narrowed it down to my top three and met with each of them within a week. All are delightful, lovely women who are excellent at what they do. It mostly came down to a gut feeling (and the budget) that Margaret of Details by Margaret was the best fit for us.

I first met Margaret at the Elegance Bridal Gala back in August 2009. We immediately clicked and I entertained the idea of a coordinator for a little while, then realized that we didn't have the budget for it. I won a set of customized wine bottle labels from her and that kept us in contact up to this point.

August was a long time ago, so I met up with Margaret again and instantly remembered what I liked so much about her - she's very proactive, has a "can do" attitude and goes above and beyond because she truly enjoys helping budget brides. We are so excited to be working with her and I'm happy to eat my previous words.

As of now, we're going over the budget for this service. However, I'm hoping some of that my budget estimates are overestimates (perhaps the stationery?), and I can shift some money around to cover at least some of the cost of coordination.

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