Thursday, November 12, 2009

Save the Dates are Finished!

After a few months of designing sporadically, I finished the save the date postcards yesterday and sent them to the printer this morning! I really did intend to have them printed and back to us by now, but I realized that as long as I send them by December 10 (the 10 month mark), that still allows for ample time for our guests to actually save the date and it makes sense to even send them.

Not only are postcards cheaper than sending a card in an envelope (hello! 28-cents!), I personally love postcards. I collect them from places I visit or friends send them to me. So, yay for postcards!

Designing for yourself is quite challenging at times and I could have gone on forever designing versions of our s/d cards. Luckily, it is important to Big Spoon to participate in this process and I took his opinion into consideration from beginning to end. After all, they are "our" s/d's. I have to say, starting out in the "gathering" phase, I really thought I would do vintage-inspired, swoopy-loopy calligraphic invitations and paper products. However, that isn't Big Spoon's style. He actively hates calligraphic typefaces and thus, compromise ensued.

I'm happy with how they turned out and I'm hoping to carry the 10.10.10 design through to our invitations. I may not get to do that classic typographical "Hatch" look, but typography will certainly carry the invites. Woo hoo!

* the real ones don't actually say "little spoon & big spoon" :P


  1. Those are awesome! I love your shoes. Love the grey, love the red. Definitely agree with T30SB.

  2. Thanks you two! I appreciate the comments :)

  3. I like the date on the blue door. Did you put that on there??? neat-o
    Also, I am very happy to see your mugs on the blog. I think you should do that more.

  4. And they look even better in person. There's an interesting texture to the gray regions that wasn't in the initial design - thank goodness for serendipity!

    Little Spoon did a really nice job of merging our two styles with these. Oh, and of keeping them mercifully free of swoopy typographical elements :)