Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Dress - Part 3


It is much sooner than I had anticipated, but I found "the dress" at the Elegance Bridal Gala in mid-August. I tried it on while I was there and loved it. I made a few appointments and planned to put a deposit down at a trunk show and order the dress later, however, Cherished Memories Bridal and Formal is closing its doors in October.

My parents came down today to go with me and after I was laced up, we determined that the sample actually does fit ... but a few more pounds won't hurt me. It wasn't dirty or worn, so I felt comfortable buying the sample. The dress seems quite easy to alter and I'm confident that my mother or aunt can do the alterations for me for free!

Hoping to get the dress for a bit more than 30% off, I asked about the Elegance Bridal Bucks card, which she will not honor now that her dresses are clearance priced. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone going out to the shop to look around.

All of the above aside, Lisa is very nice and reasonable. I ended up offering her a cash payment in exchange for a small additional discount and took my dress home with me. However, she is still offering deposits/payments and short term garment housing.

Now my dress is hanging in an upstairs closet, waiting for our wedding day. Next year. 58 weeks. 407 days.


  1. I'm so glad you got the dress.
    Is that the picture of it?
    If so, well done!
    So beautiful.
    If not, I hope it looks just as wonderful!

  2. Yes, that is a picture from the designer's website! Big Spoon has not seen the dress on me or "in person", so I didn't post any of me.