Saturday, January 09, 2010

Honeymoon booked

After taking a work-related hiatus from the blog, I'm back to announce that our honeymoon is now officially booked! Little Spoon and I realized that we wanted an all-inclusive package for a minimum of muss and fuss. After the hassles of wedding planning, we need a chance to destress, which will not happen if we're concerned with running around to lots of different places at specific times. Thus, tours of European countries or vacations based on hitting tourist attractions were less attractive to us than having a single resort that offers a variety of activities on their grounds.

We'd been checking out for a few months a package that one of Little Spoon's coworkers had recommended to her. Fortunately, Little Spoon thought to look online to see if there were any New Year's specials, and she found a 25% winter discount that applied even to our Thanksgiving-time travel plans. This discount drove the price several hundred dollars below the best prices we'd seen, and because seats were limited on the flights we were wanting, we scooped up the deal!

We're headed to the Occidental Grand Xcaret for six relaxing days and nights. I'm looking forward to trying out archery, and she's interested in snorkeling with the fishes.

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