Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dress - Part 2

Elegance Bridal Gala was held in Mt. Juliet on August 13. It was my first bridal show (the big ones scare me) and I was invited as one of Ashley's (of Ashley's Bride Guide) Fab Five VIP brides.

I arrived early with my friend, JT. We went into the Cherished Memories Bridal and Formal room/booth first to look at the pretty dresses. All the dresses were lovely, but one caught my eye immediately. I told JT that it looked like a cross between the Pronovias and the Allure I liked at The White Room.

Throughout the night, I kept going into the room to look at this dress and before leaving for a quick bite before the fashion show, I asked the store owner about it. I found out that it is a little known brand called "Ella" out of Australia and it was $$$. Ouch. Not super ouch, just ouch.

I scheduled two appointments with them - once to try it on with my Mom and for their trunk show in September, at which I would purchase the dress for 15% off and order it closer to our wedding date.

And then, I put it on. And I loved it even more. Great! I was super excited about this dress, even though it was a bit more than I had budgeted for. It is a combination of all the things I loved about the others, but definitely more "me" than the one Mom & Dad liked.

And then, I got a hair up my arse today to check the bridal events on Ashley's Bride Guide. Thank goodness she is on top of everything in Nashville! The store is CLOSING.


O-M-G. I called them immediately and they confirmed this, but they still have my sample and she has put my name on it. Not really sure if that's insurance, but its all I've got. The sample *almost* fit and the dress is a lace up, so I think even if I buy the sample, I'm in the clear.

Big gulp. Stay tuned for the next installment of "If the Dress Fits".


  1. I don't mean to be a blog stalker - but, I agree - O.M.G.!!!!!! That store is right by my house, and I too have tried on dresses there. I didn't fall in love with any, but I hope you get the dress! Did they say why they are closing?? They are so sweet there!!

  2. She didn't say and I didn't ask. I might get more information at my appointment Saturday, but I'm assuming its the economy and the rise of online bridal resources/DIY brides. No one wants to buy $1000 dresses right now.