Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding bands, the second: Big Spoon

The trend in men's wedding bands seems to be away from gold and other malleable alloys and toward more durable but non-adjustable materials like carbon fiber and tungsten. Thus, it's important to get your finger sized well initially or to order from a vendor with a generous return policy.

Fortunately, I found the latter, as I failed to do the former, despite three attempts at getting sized. As I looked for wedding rings, I realized that I liked the look of the carbon fiber inlays, but I still wanted a diamond in the ring. At a regular jewelry store, such a ring was going to be at least $350, which would have almost blown our entire ring budget. The diamonds in the rings those stores were selling also seemed either to overwhelm the ring or be so small as to be afterthoughts. I didn't want to feel like I was wielding a superheroic ring of power, but I also didn't want to feel like one good sneeze would dislodge the diamond from its setting.

I found a ring with a diamond that was just the right size for about half the price. I ordered the average of the three ring sizes I'd been quoted, only to find that it was too large. The vendor was quite accommodating and allowed us to exchange the ring only for the cost of return shipping. I'm happy with the ring, but I hope my fingers don't grow or shrink. If they do, I'll need an entirely new ring, as it can't be resized.

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