Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Engagement pictures ... check!

Well, we did it. We survived an engagement portrait session! Yesterday was crazy for both of us, but for different reasons.

The most stressful thing to happen to me was that my normal hairstylist's flight was canceled and she lost her phone, so there was no way to reach me to let me know she would be unable to style my hair. I panicked, then scrambled, calling friends and friends of friends, until I found a salon that could work me in that afternoon.

It began raining around noon and promised to pour the rest of the day. The photographer called to gauge our commitment to the photo shoot considering the weather. I went on a gut instinct to not cancel, which in the end worked out for the best.

I gathered up my clothes and hair inspiration pictures, Big Spoon's tie, my red high heels and headed out to Harlow Salon in Nashville. These ladies were wonderful and my makeup lasted well through the night.

Big Spoon and I met up near his work, met the photographer and headed over the Public Plaza first. Second, we took a few brief shots at the Schermerhorn before getting kicked off the property (which bugs me because I am a patron of the symphony).

We then took random, urban shots in downtown Nashville along various interesting backdrops and wrapped up our session on the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge. It began lightly raining as our photographer took the last shot. I really enjoyed working with our photographer, Derek Lee and his assistant.


  1. I love the first shot!!! Where was that taken at??
    Thanks! Nicole.

  2. Thanks Nicole! Our engagements were taken in Downtown Nashville. This shot was the entrance to the Public Plaza (3rd & Union) from the Courthouse Garage.