Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First date: Big Spoon's take, part I - the prelude

Sometimes you just need to say OK to Cupid. I had relatively good luck finding dates on that site, but I never found anyone who seemed compatible. Mind you, it wasn't because anyone was truly weird (that honor goes to some of the women on Craigslist); there just wasn't that ineffable spark that kept me (or her) interested.

Until Little Spoon decided to post a profile.

After my last series of dates that ended up not working out, I was about to check out of the dating scene for the next couple of months when I saw a new profile show up one Sunday night. An artsy girl with an interesting backstory and a set of beliefs that meshed well with my own compelled an initial email from me. I did my best to strike a fun but interested tone, referencing a few things about her profile and asking a couple of questions in a few relatively short paragraphs. Happily, she responded, and our emails to each other grew progressively longer.

Soon enough, we started chatting on the site, and I remember a conversation on Saturday morning lasting for hours in which we explored our philosophies, life histories, and a couple of arcane statistical points. We only left off because I had to get ready for friends coming over, and she was preparing to go back to her parents' for the weekend. We exchanged numbers, and it was hard to keep my mind on the game my friends and I were playing because I wanted very much to give her a ring and keep up the conversation.

The next day, we chatted on the phone. She has a great phone voice, and we talked off and on for hours. By the end of the evening, I asked her out for dinner the next day. We figured out where we would go and when we would meet, and I was left giddy with anticipation. I felt a distinct tingle of anticipation, but I'd been disappointed enough times previously on first dates not to trust that the connection would continue in person. Then again, I'd never seen anyone with such nice collarbones before...

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