Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The fun of spontaneous chats

In a crazy work week, it's easy to lose track of each other a bit. And let's face it - even partaking in special events together doesn't lend itself to sharing about the sorts of things that are sometimes important to address in a relationship. That's why sometimes, it's best just to have nothing at all planned; for me, that's when the best conversations can occur. This weekend, Little Spoon and I were lounging around and finally got to talk out a bunch of our stresses (or at least, I got to unload a bunch of mine), mostly because we were able simply to listen to each other without having to worry about being somewhere at a specific time or do something important.

Sometimes, it's the unplanned, free-flowing conversations that are the most satisfying. You just have to leave some dead time for them to occur...spontaneously.


  1. You've been SPLASHED!

  2. Thanks for the splash and your kind words of recommendation! I'll have to work a bit more on blogging with Little Spoon so that we can truly meet our goal of doing this blog approximately half and half :)

  3. You're so sweet, big spoon! I love that your posts are mostly about our relationship. I'll make sure I contribute some of those in the future :)