Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outside the Box

I am finding more every day that planning our wedding together is bringing us closer as a couple. Big Spoon has been very patient with me as I wane back and forth on the "details", knowing that I will find a creative solution that pleases us both. We do well with the big things - from our decision to not have a traditional wedding cake to choosing our photographer. I'm also finding that if I keep an open mind, Big Spoon has great suggestions and keeps me grounded.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to go wedding dress shopping with my mom, my MOH (who is also my little sister) and one of my best friends. Although dress shopping wasn't exactly what I had anticipated (as one person described it "it's like shopping for a bathing suit!"), it yielded a fun "girls day out" as well as the inspiration for our color palette.

Upon returning home, I discovered that Big Spoon had started laundry and organizing the office. Being in a relationship with him is easily the most rewarding and joyful experience I've ever had: we work as a team, talk through our problems and allow each other personal "space" - to have a girls day shopping, to work late or have friends over on short notice.

Oh yeah, here's our color palette: black, white, ivory, champagne, silver. Its super neutral and will allow me to detail the event without fear of mis-matching a color, simplify things like linens and bridesmaid's dresses, as well as open up possibilities of flower colors.

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