Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Devil Is In the Details

This week, my brain has been racing on a daily basis, round and round the wedding planning racetrack. I'm beginning to confuse myself because I can't concentrate on one thing at a time. Linen rental, no invitations ... no wait, table runners ...oooh, flowers - NO! linen rental ... ebay? ...

All day, every day and it is getting quite tiring. So, I'm writing down (or typing down) my goals for this weekend:

1) Shop for and possibly find my wedding dress Saturday. 2) Organize (completely) my wedding planning binder.

If there is time for anything else, awesome. I just hope I can stay focused on the organization part.


  1. Writing down a short, manageable list is a great start. The only question is this: What does "completely" organized mean, so that you'll know it when you do it?

  2. Please let me know how the binder organizing goes. I'm still working on mine and I'd love to see how yours turns out!

  3. Why, I'd be happy to, Sarah Elizabeth!

    And to answer Big Spoon, organizing will entail:

    1) Breaking the binder down into sections that are intuitive and chronologically significant to planning, as well as related (ie. men's attire, bridesmaid's dresses and wedding dress).

    2) Dividing and organizing the binder into "pre-planning" and "day-of" planning.

    3 )Printing out all useful DIY project tutorials, inspiration boards and vendor information.