Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay, So Forget the Break ... This Is Important

I know I said I was "taking a break" ... I know, hardy har har. Yeah right. I've realized that when you are planning a wedding (especially as far in advance as we are), there is no such thing.

Must.Look.At.Wedding.Porn ......

Here's what's new in our world:

• Big Spoon turned 31 yesterday! Happy Birthday, Big Spoon!

• Today marks the 10th month of togetherness for us!

• I'm signed up with the Unabridged Bride workshop in September and I'm so looking forward to it!

• Lastly, I attended the Elegance Bridal gala on Aug. 13 with my dear friend, flower lady and coordinator JT. We had a blast, won some prizes and I found THE DRESS. Yes, at the show!

Now read my next post for why I have been bawling this afternoon over said dress ...

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  1. I'm signed up for the Unabridged Bride workshop too!