Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jingle Bells

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg ...

I used to think September was a bit early for Christmas. Since becoming aware that I'm a grown up working as a graphic designer in the mass market retail industry, I have come to realize that Christmas is YEAR ROUND.

Although it takes some of the joy away from the holidays, I have found it impossible to avoid planning this far in advance. I begin my holiday shopping in September and finish up with Black Friday. I put my tree two trees up two weeks after Halloween.

Last night, I got some really good news: my future in-laws are coming to our house this Christmas! This means that not only will I get to keep the tradition of seeing my immediate family on Christmas Eve, we get to celebrate with Big Spoon's parents on Christmas Day. Granted, this will most likely change from year to year after we are married, but that's okay.

Speaking of jingle bells, I like the idea of a "bell sendoff" as we leave on our wedding day. It's one more DIY project to add to the pile, but ... we'll see. What are you all doing for your grand exit?


  1. Ever go to America's Mart? "It's always Christmas in Atlanta!"

    I make it my life's goal to not set foot in a mall after Black Friday. You and I are on the same page, sista.

    The Candyman and I have to do a big driving loop to see all the folks. It's tiring, but fun!

  2. Ha ha! I've been to the AmeriMart once ... quite overwhelming and I know what you mean! We do Christmas all month in my family - reunions out the ying yang :P

  3. lavender. mr. smith's mom lives in denver where lavender grows like grass, so its a little tribute to her. not to mention, its quite lovely.

  4. awesome - i love christmas - so fun all your families will be in the same town.

    just wanted to pop by and say "thank you for entering the giggleBOOTH contest"

    courtney delaura

  5. I REALLY hope Stephen's parents will come to mom and dad's on Christmas Eve so we can meet them. I promise, no outbursts and leaving. lol