Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Shoes ... the search continues

I've had many ideas about shoes and I've decided that it ultimately does not matter. Really. I've never had $200 shoes and I don't plan on starting now.*

Several months ago, I jumped the gun and ordered some adorable RSVP brand shoes from I love their website and the ease of returning an order at no charge to me, which I had to do because those lovelies didn't fit. Sniffle.

Somewhere along the way, possibly after actually purchasing a wedding dress, it occured to me that "tea dying" shoes to closely match my dress color and adding my fabulous vintage clip earrings would do quite nicely. The earrings are my "something(s) blue" and my first wedding-related purchase (from Etsy, of course!)

Tonight, I ordered these Touch Ups dyeable shoes in Flash. Fingers crossed!

*trivia for you: $1.00 donated to Second Harvest Food Bank will purchase 5 lbs of food that is distributed to needy families. A pair of $100 shoes would provide 500 lbs of food. That's pretty incredible. Not saying you should give your money away and go bare footed down the aisle. We are having a food drive at work and I've been giving it a lot of thought.

**EDIT: The shoes came on Monday 14. They didn't work. I'll try again! :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, Little Spoon. I hadn't realized how much basic food could be bought with the power of Second Harvest (apparently now retitled "Feeding America") and its charitable works. Here's hoping your new lovelies work!