Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday

It's that time again! I am definitely a music junkie and it is very hard for me to limit myself to one music day a week for sharing. However, it's also a good reminder that I can't have every song in the world played at our wedding :P

Coldplay is one of my favorite bands - top 5 for sure. Big Spoon took me to see them in concert for my 27th birthday and it was probably the best concert I've ever been to. I love their latest album Viva La Vida. This song is from the "additional" EP Prospect's March.

I miss Big Spoon already. He's on a plane to Germany today for a week. I thought this song would be doubly cute since his feet aren't on the ground!

My favorite line is"you wait a lifetime to be found, now my feet won't touch the ground." I would love for the guys to walk out as this song is playing.

Now My Feet Wont Touch The Ground - Coldplay

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