Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I sincerely cannot believe we are going through this. Is there no where in Nashville and the surrounding area we can get married???

Here's the deal - we are on a budget. Because the State of Tennessee Department of Parks and Recreation decided to seriously screw us over, I don't see how we can stay in budget, keep our date and all the vendors we want to use.

I'm at my wits end, here.

And no, I don't want to get married all the way out in Franklin.

Here are the places that are OUT due to budget or they have already been booked:

Baber House
Houston Station
Ambrose House
Belle Meade
Anywhere in Franklin

HELP. Anyone? How does one work and deal with a crisis alone?


  1. our venue fell through after 5 months of planning. we had to change the date from 9-19 to 9-12 and move it completely across town... with less than 8 months till the wedding month. luckily i had been a little procrastinator ordering our save the dates, so nothing major was lost. just try your best to stay calm because it will TOTALLY work out and you will be happier in the end.

  2. Wow - I think I might have died at that point. I'm glad we have 12 months to go. We haven't put anything in print yet either, but we're attached to the date. Thanks for the pep talk! You're a dear :)

  3. I'm so sorry, Little Spoon! This bites. Maybe the Universe just wants to give you something better. Maybe?

    I know it's silly in a way but I tweeted about your dilemma... maybe Twitter will come up with an answer :D

    And I know I'm not a consideration in your wedding plans AT ALL, but you CAN'T change your wedding date. It would break my heart. Good luck!

  4. I'm about to become annoying. But @oakwoodcleaners suggested The Hermitage- Home of Andrew Jackson.

  5. Marie, I don't think you could ever annoy me because I love your giggle :P Thanks for the tips. I will try to not break your heart because it would break mine too if we have to change our date!!

  6. How about two rivers mansion?

    Here are 2 links to weddings we've shot there!

    We're soo sorry about your situation!

  7. Unfortunately, as mentioned in our previous post, Two Rivers Mansion is the venue that cancelled on us. We will do everything we can to recommend against using Two Rivers Mansion and dealing with the unprofessionalism of the Nashville Metro Parks and Recreation Department.

  8. Okay now we feel like idiots:) Guess we should've went back and read some of your other post! We came across this single post via twitter!

    If anything comes to mind, we'll definitely let you know!

  9. Thanks guys.No worries. Marie put that post out and we appreciate people coming over with suggestions.

  10. I'll keep my eyes peeled and my thinking cap on! I like Marie's point...perhaps the universe has something even bigger and better in store...