Sunday, October 11, 2009

Venue Reviews, Part 2

Now that we have officially booked our venue and signed the contract, I'd like to wrap up the venue reviews. There are many lovely places in TN that I have not mentioned here - budget and personality were key factors while venue shopping. My suggestion to all new brides in this area is to check out Ashley's Bride Guide for ideas. Her website is a wealth of information and ideas.

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Belmont Mansion
Nashville, TN

Belmont Mansion is actually the first venue we looked at (way back in February). It is a beautiful home - inside and out. The mansion is now a part of Belmont University's campus. I did call them again while we were re-searching this week. Apparently, they have a new website and event coordinator, which is great for them. You can also now purchase packages to suit your wedding and/or reception needs. However, I could not visualize seating 100 to 125 people in the main room comfortably.

Pros: A beautiful, historic home in the heart of Nashville.
Cons: Small interior and limited rooms for use.

The Hermitage
Old Hickory, TN
We live nearby the Hermitage and I honestly haven't been there since I was a child. It is a lovely place and there are lots of affordable options that I feel are budget friendly. I had no problems setting up an appointment to meet with the event coordinator. You can also just drop by for a tour if you'd rather not commit to a weekday meeting.

Pros: Numerous options for ceremony and reception settings.
Cons: You must arrange all rentals through Grand Central Party Rentals. If you are a fan of choices (like we are), this could put a damper on things.

Old Hickory Country Club
Old Hickory, TN
This venue is nice and affordable - your ceremony and reception could take place in one spacious upstairs ballroom or use the patio area for an outdoor ceremony. They have a facebook page with lots of pictures detailing the customization you can do.

Pros: A spacious, mirrored ballroom with a stage and fireplace mantle.
Cons: Easy to miss the entrance and must use their catering.

Rock Castle
Hendersonville, TN
Rock Castle is an interesting-looking historic home (with connections to the Hermitage). It is located right on Old Hickory Lake and the grounds are lovely. All rentals and bookings must go through Grand Central Party Rentals (Kim McLean, who is very nice and helpful).

Pros: A new covered pavilion and historic home right on Old Hickory Lake.
Cons: No use of the house.

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