Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Candy is Evil

You would think that my wedding dress hanging in an upstairs closet would be motivation enough to keep me from eating Halloween candy and over-indulging during the upcoming holidays. Well, I can honestly say it isn't and it won't. I suck at this will-power thing.

My exercise routine went down the drain when our Wii broke and I got too busy at work to work out afterwards. I mean, who wants to exercise after a 10 hour day? Not me. I've also come to realize that exercising with another person keeps me motivated and when the two people you work out with are unavailable ... Well, all the good intentions in the world aren't enough to get me off my ass, apparently.

This year, I bought $35.00 Rumba videos (which I should sell, any takers?),a $20 lifetime membership to our less than grand workout "room" in my office building and started (and stopped) using EA Sports Fitness with Big Spoon(and haven't started back since the Wii's breakage and repair.

I'm beginning to think using my company's corporate partnership with the
YMCA is a logical next step for me. Any Y users out there?

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  1. used to be a YMCA lover. the green hills Y is simply divine. the hermitage Y, however, is a joke. so i did the videos at home till i turned to running in the neighborhood. i've decided you just have to find something that motivates you then it will become easy. finding that "thing," however, doesn't come so easy.