Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Big Spoon and I had a good Thanksgiving vacation,  even though we have both done a lot of work over the past few days. Big Spoon has been trudging through work projects all week and I have been cleaning, shopping and decorating for the holidays.

We had a great time with my parents, grandparents and siblings - especially my niece and nephew, who seem to just get funnier every year. 

My future-in-laws are coming in on Christmas Day, we're hosting a holiday party for the students working in Big Spoon's lab and we'll potentially be having friends over for New Years Eve. Thus, I've put forth a great deal of effort to make the house look festive! So far, I have our main tree up in the living room, a tree in the upstairs window and garland on the railing.

I really love decorating and hosting and I'm looking forward to having people over. It is definitely more exhausting than my little apartments of yesteryear, but I'm liking the results.  I'll try to keep up Music Monday through the holidays, but there won't be much else to read, I'm afraid. Holiday time = wedding planning/writing break time!

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