Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Design & Style Update

I *just* finished designing our save the dates and I am planning to upload them to our printer tonight. I've only designed a few options for our invitations thus far, but how cool would it be to have no multiple inserts and junk! However, I can think of only a handful of guests who would really appreciate the artistic effort of hand-sewing 75 booklets together.

Also, our style is kind-of established at this point. Like relationships go, Big Spoon and I had to meet in the middle with our tastes for the big event. As the pieces start coming together, we seem to be weaving a modern-traditional budget wedding.  My design style is mod, clean and simple and that works for Big Spoon as well. Our venue is historic and Southern and I'm wearing ivory and pearls. So there ya go.

I like to call our wedding "Budget Elegant." Do you have a wedding motto?

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