Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hello fabulous readers and passers-by! We are half-way to the weekend and I'm very excited because that puts me even closer to my Christmas vacation. Here is an update on my health and fitness goals.

I joined the YMCA of Mid-TN yesterday through a corporate partnership program with my job. Awesome! They are going to pay for half and that is such a nice benefit. Also, it is being taken out of my check as a payroll deduction, so I'll hardly miss it. Anyway, I'm starting tonight!

I am thinking about joining their free 3N1 program as well as taking classes most nights of the week. Here's the info from the Y website:

3N1 Fitness is a personalized wellness program designed to place you on the path to achieve your health and fitness goals. This program design runs its course over a three month period. The plan consists of three phases. In each monthly phase you will meet with a wellness coach for your consultation and workout plan. The program is a combination of strength and cardio training which increases in each phase to build your cardio and strength endurance.

3N1 Fitness is a free service for all YMCA of Middle Tennessee members. Sign up for 3N1 by visiting or contacting your local YMCA to schedule your first appointment and receive your first 30-day exercise plan.

Do any of you use the Y or another fitness club to stay in shape?

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