Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 Months to Go, But Who's Counting?

Hello blog world! We've been super busy over here at Big Spoon Little Spoon and I have a big-ish announcement for you this week. But not yet ... this is what we've been doing lately ...

We booked our honeymoon and wedding night hotel this month because Orbitz was running a great Winter Sale and Discover Card (my credit of choice) was rewarding 5% cash back bonuses on travel and hotel purchases. Not to mention, I get another 5% cash back by using Shop Discover. Cha-ching!

The Hilton family of hotels is also running a January Sale. Since Big Spoon works in West End, he wanted did not want our wedding night to be anywhere near his office. We opted instead to stay half-way between our venue and home in the brand new Hampton Inn in Mt. Juliet. It might sound less glam than the posh downtown hotels, but we have an in-room whirlpool tub. So ha!

On Jan 17, I attended the big big bridal show with Hillary Capes of Your Day of Fairy Tales and two girlfriends who are engaged to marry after us (not each other). Much fun! Thanks again to Hillary and Jonathan Campbell Photography for my show ticket.

I've been collaborating with my FMIL to plan our rehearsal dinner. Gallatin, TN is smallish, so the variety of nice restaurants is ... limited, shall we say. We are looking at Monell's Gallatin and a new place in Hartsville, TN called Tully's Bistro.

*Just a word of advice while we're on the subject. Don't limit yourself to "in town" venues. An additional 20-30 minutes outside of Nashville might save you hundreds of dollars in venue costs. It certainly worked out that way for us and thank goodness we don't have to fool with the _________'s at Metro Park Services!

And there's more ...

Big Spoon got really great news this week: he’s been reappointed to his faculty position! Yay! (That means we don’t have to pack up and move right after the wedding.) I’m not ashamed to say that I cried a little I was so happy about it. He worked very very hard last semester to make this happen and I’m soooooo proud of him.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a bit-o-bling .... I purchased this on Etsy for our cake, but it’s a lot bigger than it looks. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t ask them if I can exchange it for another. Gorgeous, no?

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