Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confession #1


I have a pet peeve. Well, I have more than one, but this one gets me every time.

1. Writing paper and envelopes.
2. Writing materials and office supplies.

a. Not moving.
b. Not capable of being moved; fixed.
2. Unchanging: a stationary sound.
Many of you out there many not know this, but when you are speaking of invitations and paper goods, the correct spelling is "stationery." With an "e". "Stationary" is something different. It's more forgivable when you are not a wedding industry professional or graphic designer. However, I see more "professionals" misspell this word than I do brides and people outside this industry. You lose all credibility with me when I see you misspell stationery not once (maybe twice) but many times over.

I've actually sent emails and left blog comments I find this spelling mistake to be so embarrassing.  So maybe I'm not so good with "it's and its" or "loose and lose" or spelling in general, but I know how to correctly use the word stationery.

I've been holding my tongue about this for several months now, but there is a professional out there that is very popular with some of the blogs I read.  Unfortunately, she intentionally misspells stationery in her business name. I get "why" she does it, but that doesn't make it right, cute or professional. And it irritates the hell out of me.

An easy way to remember the difference is an envelope is a piece of stationery. Envelope begins with an "e." See? Easy :) Do you guys have an pet peeves like this or am I the only crazy one?


  1. If it's misspelled, I lose my mind. Its orthography is so easy to loose from the keys onto a page!

  2. PS. Big Spoon makes fun of me because I get my "its/it's" and "lose/loose" mixed up.

  3. Girl...I hear you. Since I deal with words all day I'm VERY particular about spellings and meanings. You're not crazy. That's a perfectly respectable pet peeve. You're just more intelligent than all those other people. :) Let's dish soon. I've GOT to share my bridesmaid gift idea with you. (Well, it's not MY idea. I didn't create it...but I met someone who makes these little lovelies and I'm TOTALLY getting them for my girls.) Coffee soon? Happy Vday to you and Big Spoon!