Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's that time again ... to report progress or lack thereof. I've actually been doing pretty good this year. I can't say that I've dropped any weight based on how I weighed in at the doctor this afternoon, but overall,  I'm starting to tell a difference. My legs and arms are stronger and I'm losing inches on my tummy. Yay!

Wish this was a faster process ...

I did in fact "quit" the 3N1 program mid-way through phase two. It just isn't customized enough for my individual needs. I have a friend who is a professional MMA fighter and a brilliant fiance - both of whom instructed me to stop lifting all the weights the Y had me on. So, I've adjusted my schedule to look like this:

M - 30 minutes of cardio & upper body weights plus abs
T - 30 minutes of cardio
W - 30 minutes of cardio & lower body weights plus abs
Th - 30 minutes of cardio
F - 30 minutes of cardio & next appropriate weight lifting

I've been enjoying this routine MUCH more as I feel like I'm getting a full workout without the muscle soreness (delayed onset is fine, hurting while you're working is a sign that you are damaging muscle).  I also don't have to spend 2 hours at the gym like the 3N1 program would have me do!

However, I'm still sick. I went to the doctor today and I still have a sinus infection. Boo. So, I missed yesterday's workout and today's. I'm hoping to be feeling better by the weekend when the antibiotics kick in and be back at the gym on Monday.

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