Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7 Months To Go! Yay!

Holy crap! We've been engaged for 11 months and only have 7 months until our wedding day! Many things have fallen into place or have been checked off the list and now that the detail work is starting, things seem so much more "real" than they did before. I mean, sure you know you are getting married when you're picking out attire and shopping for venues, but when you start carving out those delicate details ... wow.

For example, choosing the music we will use for our wedding and reception has had me emotional all week. I can't help but cry these days when I hear my processional song or think about our first dance. Working on other people's invitations gets me started too. I'm just so happy that I cry!

No time for updates today, but soon I'll talk about officiants and DIY-ing.

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