Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Bride's Maids

The six-month-countdown is on! I find myself thinking about this a lot because there is still so much to do, but also because it doesn't seem quite possible that we'll be married in only six months.

When Big Spoon and I began talking about the wedding party, we both agreed that the smaller the party, the better - both on our wallets, our friends wallets and stress levels. I have three siblings, so obviously I want to include them and Big Spoon has a best friend. Done deal. The economy sucks and I felt guilty asking any of my girlfriends to pony up the money for a dress, shoes, etc. I'm listing my two best friends as honorary bridesmaids on our program: all the honor, none of the stress.

 So ... I have a big sister and a little sister, both of which are married. I'm the last sister! Big Sister is nine years older than me, but we've always been pretty close. I was eleven when she married her husband (that's 17 years of marriage!). She's a Kindergarten teacher in our hometown and mother of my only niece and nephew.

Little Sister is the baby of the family and my Matron of Honor. She married her husband in 2006. Despite a four-year age difference and fighting like cats and dogs growing up, we've become closer now that we're grown ups. I was her Maid of Honor four years ago, now she's returning the favor.

Of the"big things" we have left to accomplish, the one on top of my list is to get my bridesmaids' outfitted in body-flattering, so going to wear it again, little black dresses. Our tuxedo-inspired color scheme makes this part easy ... it's getting the family together and predicting the weather that is the hard part!

I thought I'd pull together some of my favorites at David's Bridal:

And some favorites from various retailers and online stores: 


  1. I love all of those! They were all ones I was considering in ivory as my wedding dress.

  2. That's a fabulous idea! I kinda need another dress now that we're doing a wedding and the courthouse thing :)

  3. These are ALLL beautiful! My fave is the Alexa dress. There's just something about the cut and fit on that dress that is flattering on everyone. Not to mention, it's just darn stylish. :) You're a JEWEL for bringing those thank you cards to the shower yesterday. I'll be working on those tonight! :) Talk with you soon, love.