Saturday, April 10, 2010

Half a Year To Go

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It hardly seems possible that one year (as of Tuesday) has passed since Big Spoon proposed to me in Central Park, NYC. It's been one of the best years of my life. We've weathered a few storms that have allowed us to become better and stronger as a couple. I'm really exciting about the next six months leading up to our wedding day ... and beginning a new phase of our life together.

Speaking of strong couples, my parent's 29th wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Yay! Actually, my mom likes to refer to it as their "29th and 30th anniversary". Why? Because my parents married exactly one year to the day they met. How cute is that!? Here's the real magic ... this happens to be a second marriage for BOTH of my parents. Considering the divorce rate for second marriages is astronomical, I'd like to congratulate them for beating the odds, raising four children and weathering storms together for the last 30 years. I love my parents very much - and my siblings, too - and they are all an important part of our wedding day, as are Big Spoon's parents.

This morning, I got some not-so-great news that our talented friend/ wedding music guy will be unable to even attend our wedding, much less handle the music. His best friend announced that he is getting married the same day in Dickson, TN.

I've been through the gamut of emotions today, which strangely began with acceptance and soon spiraled into anger, frustration and very nearly a foot-stomping tantrum. I'm really not happy about yet another thing going wrong with the wedding, but as Big Spoon reminded me - this is life! - and I might as well get used to it.

Thankfully, we hired a coordinator and I'll be getting in touch with Margaret to assist me in creatively problem solving this situation and hopefully keeping us in budget. We have six more months to go and that should be plenty of time to work this situation out to both mine and Big Spoon's satisfaction.

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