Friday, May 14, 2010

Update & Our First Road Trip

Hi y'all! Happy Friday!

It has been a long week of "to-do" lists for Big Spoon and me. He is wrapping up on the semester and I am crossing things off the wedding list like ...

• Pay the bakery for delivery (that I didn't think I needed but turns out we kinda do. Things change.)

• Get alterations recommendations and email/call/etc to get quotes and set up meetings. (That I didn't think I needed because so many people I know sew ... )

• Cash in my gift certificate from 12 Point Signworks I won at Unabridged Bride. I still need to go meet these guys and I'm very excited to show you what we decided on.

• Print off our RSVP postcards, front and back. I promise previews when I get some of these things trimmed out!

Whew! Fun stuff .. this weekend I finally get to meet Big Spoon's best friend and best man, Adam. We're meeting him in Memphis, so this will be our first "road trip" together. I love road trips and it's been forever since I've driven somewhere more than two hours away (if that). I'm super excited!

Happy weekend to everyone and happy wedding day to Miss Kriss! She becomes a Mrs. tomorrow-Congrats!

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