Wednesday, June 02, 2010

130 Days Update

In 130 days, I'll be walking down a little brick path on my Daddy's arm to my groom. In the meantime, I have a ton of little details to attend to!

First, an update on my wedding band: it worked! About two weeks ago, I found a fabulous deal on a diamond wedding band, which I talked about here. I dropped both the band and my engagement ring off at Wholesale Jewelers on Saturday. I really hated not having my engagement ring for a few days, but boy, was it worth it! The thing is, my diamond was not set properly. Having the wedding band sized was a great opportunity for me to ask the store to reset my engagement ring. It looks SO MUCH better that it's almost unbelievable.

The total cost of my wedding band including sizing is $83.52 - I know that I am going to love wearing these two together for a long, long time!

Next up, I have completed our wedding invites! I have one or two more pieces to print, but it's relatively minor. The invitation suite is three parts plus an envelope: invitation, RSVP postcard and an information/map card. And I trimmed them ALL by hand (that's called "glutton for punishment" folks) Would you like a sneak peek of our invitation suite? It's the RSVP postcard ... I'll have to photograph better when I show you the real deal.

I'm hosting a "Crafts & Cocktails" party in three weeks and I'm so excited about it! A few of my girlfriends are coming over to help me assemble the invitations (and hopefully some other things as well, like wedding wands and shower invites!) It's a little soon, but the more I have off my plate before July, the more time I have for other projects!

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