Tuesday, July 27, 2010

75 Days

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Two and a half months, right? 75 days? That's it?!?!

I know that I've said it before, but I am so ready to be Big Spoon's wife. The closer the wedding gets, it seems that there are more and more things to do. I'm trying so hard to remain cognizant of our relationship during this time and remind myself daily that the wedding is simply a celebration of our marriage, not the other way around. The pressure to make it "perfect" is almost unbearable and I fight with it a lot. Big Spoon helps keep me grounded. I've managed to stop checking my bridal porn blogs and only read the Nashville brides/newlywed posts when they make them. It's helping.

Ultimately, it's up to me to check myself, delegate and keep a balance between real life and wrapping up the wedding. Here's what's going on at the moment:

• Big Spoon and I started pre-martial counseling two weeks ago. Tonight will be our third session.

Dance class on Thursday night - we're learning the foxtrot for our first dance as husband and wife. Sadly, I injured my back on Tuesday. No dance this week :(

• My work is throwing us a shower on Friday, July 30. Super excited about that!

We're trying to make playing tennis together a weekly thing. Hoping to get some of that in Sunday! Stupid back!

• I'll be off on my last "single" girl trip next week for my little brother's induction-to-med-school ceremony in Kansas City, MO.

• We'll be mailing out the invitations on Saturday, August 14.

• Big Spoon's birthday (yay!) is in August and our "hometown" shower is 8/28.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. Still working on various DIY projects. I'm very thankful to have such wonderful friends to help me do some of this stuff! That's it for this update. Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  1. Great post! Sage advice. I'm off the bridal porn too...

  2. It's going to be here before ya'll know it! Seriously! It's like you blink and the time is gone! Wish I could say I've weened myself off the bridal porn, but it hasn't happened yet. :( Too many lovely things out there that I just can't help but admire. If anything I'm getting some great inspiration for home decor/nesting. :)