Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Monday: Ceremony Music

I have to admit that we changed around the processional music several times. We each wanted to be equally represented here, but since I'm the more musically invested partner, I'm also the more stubborn one. I feel like we've struck a balance as well as infused the ceremony with our personalities through  music.

Processional - "All I Want Is You" U2
Bride's Processional - "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" - Ingrid Michaelson
Signing Marriage Certificate/Interlude - "Marry Me" - Train
Recessional - "City of Blinding Lights" - U2

Doesn't seem like much, but we both are against using music during the ceremony as a "time-fill" or because it's meaningful to us in some way. Our ceremony words should be honest and heartfelt, with or without music and that's was my main goal in writing our ceremony. There are a lot of songs that are meaningful to us, that doesn't mean we have to cram them all in there. No offense to people who plan to do it or have done it. I've been to many lovely weddings where I sat there and wondered "when the eff will this song end?" I got over it later because the event was beautiful. But long, drawn out, musical interludes make people uncomfortable (it makes me uncomfortable). Off the salt box now.

We've filled our reception playlist with mostly contemporary music - things that speak to me of love and our relationship, as well as a few songs for Big Spoon's tastes. Our final Music Monday will feature our first dance song.

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