Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Go Away

Alright, screw the blogging hiatus. I can't stand not blogging when I have so much to say. I've really grown to enjoy telling our story here and hopefully transitioning this blog into our newlywed life and on into the future. It doesn't always have to be a wedding blog and that's what I love the most about our blog. No post-wedding name changes!

So here is an overview of what's going on with us now and over the past three weeks ...

We don't have professional photos yet, but as soon as we do, we're starting on budget breakdowns, vendor reviews and more importantly, just talking about the different parts of our wedding day with photos to illustrate. I'm going to post the ceremony we wrote together as well as our individual vows if Big Spoon will give me permission to do so.

I am working on transitioning into a lot of new things - not just marriage. I have been working on my stationery and graphic design business Little Spoon Designs. I don't mention it too often, but I am a professional stationery designer for a big corporation. It's nice, lots of perks, but I really enjoy client interaction and helping people, thus Little Spoon Designs was born. I will have a design blog connected with my business, an Etsy storefront and a website up in the Spring. Stay tuned for that.

Additionally, I have a few other business and personal opportunities on the horizon. I'd like to talk about them, but until things are concrete, I really can't. Let's just say that I feel very upbeat about my potential in the creative arena - better than I've felt since graduating college 6 years ago. And of course, I'm nesting! Decorating is one of my favorite past-times. Super stoked about some household renovations - both small and large.

Things that I'm not as excited about include Christmas shopping (ugh) and going through all of the wedding stuff. It is currently sitting in a guest bedroom just the way it came home from the wedding. I have lots of stuff to sell, so I will be posting links to that as well (think linens, decor, and some attire), so if you know folks planning spring weddings, send them to our blog! Not only do I have things to sell, I can customize things for their weddings such as save the dates, invitations, programs, card boxes, etc.

Thanks for your readership! Please don't go away! There is so much more to come.

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