Monday, November 08, 2010

Budget Review: Food, Cake & Favors


Contact: Rita Rowland
{photo courtesy of DSD - thank you, Rita!}

What We Got
Six hors 'd oeuvres on beautiful serving dishes; choice of two beverages; all cutlery, plates & napkins; back of house staff & complimentary cake cutting

{required to book your date & applied to your balance}

Total Cost: $2100*
 *This total does not include gratuity

There wasn't any! We had a dry reception. It was a personal choice based on the budget, proclivities of our family & friends and the shortness of the reception itself.

 Total Cost: $0.00


{another photo courtesy of DSD}

What We Got
3 tier wedding cake with cream cheese butter cream icing
{two traditional white tiers and one chocolate; 
included ribbon decoration}
$167 (plus tax)

{Our wedding was on a Sunday, thus additional charge on delivery}

Cake Accessories
Cake stand, monogram cake topper and cake bling
{purchased or made by yours truly}

Total Cost: $289.51

Candy Buffet Favors

 {shot before the jars were filled, but it's all I got at the moment - thanks MIL!}


We purchased way more candy that was used. Thank goodness our coordinator didn't open all of it - smart lady! I returned half of what I purchased to Sam's Club.

(1) 56 oz bags of classic M&MS
(1) 56 oz bags of classic Hershey's Kisses
(1) 44 oz bags of Reese's Pieces
(1) 54 oz bags of original flavor Skittles
(1) 6 lb bags of gummy bears
(1) 290 ct tub of soft peppermints

Accessories & Favor Bags
100 favor bags with hand-stamped "thank you" tags and tiny spoons
 {I did not include the apothecary jars purchased. They've become household decor or sold.}

Total Cost: $70.62 

Total Food, Cake & Favor Costs: $2850.13

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