Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Date

Little Spoon's story:

Our initial contact began a week before our first date, via this dating site. Yes, those things really do happen! Within an hour of my signing up on the site, Big Spoon sent an email that was, comparatively speaking, much more engaging than others I had received. He paid close attention to what I had written on my profile and with each subsequent email, never failed to pique my interest in him.

After a week of writing and chatting, we arranged a date. I actually ended up sick that Monday and didn't go to work. I was still feeling under the weather and contemplated canceling the date. My roommate insisted that I go and have fun.

Obviously, I'm happy I went. I owe said ex-roommate a debt of gratitude.

Big Spoon and I met on October 27, 2008. We agreed to meet in West End at Tangredi's Italian Kitchen for dinner. I was early, he was on time. I wore a brown button down blouse and jeans and a vintage rain coat. He was in his business casual shirt & slacks and a black coat. That first hug/handshake/thingy was a bit awkward, but we quickly recovered and started chirping like two birds that hadn't seen each other in years.

The first thing I noticed about Big Spoon was his smile. He has big, handsome (I can't say pretty, can I?) smile that makes you want to hug him all the time. Secondly, I realized that he was much more attractive in person than the pictures I had seen of him.

Dinner turned into coffee at Cafe Coco and a 3am chat in the car. 8 HOURS from our first hello, we finally said goodnight. No goodnight kiss, but he put his arm around me earlier when I was cold..

I left feeling really good about the fact that he didn't kiss me, though. I'm not sure why, it just felt more like a promise than a holding back of some sort.

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