Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ring, Part I: What a girl wants

Perhaps the biggest anxiety I've had about the whole wedding shebang so far has been the selection of her engagement ring. From the start, Little Spoon has shown tastes that mix contemporary and vintage (e.g., 1930s) styles. From what she's told me, she likes the clean lines and flat bands of contemporary styles, but she's also partial to the tasteful ornateness of vintage jewelry.

Finding a ring that satisfies both tastes is a difficult proposition, especially when combined with her love of round cut stones with a six-prong setting (to highlight the roundness of the stone; a four-prong setting seems more standard). Oddly enough, most of the more vintage-style settings seem to use princess cut stones, which we both agree look too boxy on her slender finger. At least she likes white gold, which seems to be the material en vogue right now.

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