Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ring, Part II: You'd better shop around

We visited at least three different stores after dispensing quickly with the mall-based jewelers, whose diamonds were far too pricey and whose relatively simplistic or excessively gaudy settings and bands failed to please either of our eyes. We first went to Wiggins' Jewelers, whose staff was very helpful and gave us a number of wedding-related publications. They had one nice cathedral setting solitaire and a good vintage setting that we liked...somewhat. However, the cathedral solitaire felt a bit too plain, and the vintage looked too gaudy when actually on her hand.

Our next stop was Wholesale Jewelers, which had a number of attractive pieces. One that really caught both our eyes was a one-of-a-kind princess cut diamond with some small inset diamonds and subtle filigree on the setting. Alas, it was more than three times our budget - but at least it gave me an idea of the kind of setting Little Spoon liked best.

We rounded off our engagement ring viewing spree at The Shane Company. There, we saw a couple of solitaires that were pretty enough, and seeing their offerings convinced her that she liked having some additional stones in the setting to augment the main diamond. However, none of them struck her fancy quite like the one at Wholesale Jewelers.

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