Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let Them Eat ... Candy!

I suppose this post is out of order and I should still be writing about our engagement trip and the like, but this story is just too good to not write about now. It is the first of many things I hope will "fall into place" as we plan our wedding day together.

While sitting in a Baskin Robbins in New York City (our first night there), sharing a dessert, the topic of wedding cakes came up. Says I, "Big Spoon, do we even like cake that much?" Says he, "well, not really." The idea of cake tastings and cake haggling doesn't really thrill either of us. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty positive there isn't a bakery out there that can make a cake as good as my Granny.

We like candy. A lot. We don't have to have cake, but we like the cake cutting tradition. However, we don't like wedding cake prices (yes, I know they are labor-intensive works of art. I still don't like the prices).

The compromise: the increasingly popular candy bar. I'm hoping to borrow glass and crystal jars, buy a few or (register for them) and buy "little spoons" to dip out the candy! I am also going to talk to my Granny about making one of her delicious from-scratch cakes a few days before the wedding. We'll chill them and still have a cake cutting.

We both agree that this is something that speaks to both of our personalities and asking for family participation makes the cake cutting tradition that much sweeter.

I found some good Candy Buffet advice via {this blog}. Which tells me I won't like candy prices either. Well, I'd rather spend $500 on candy than cake, but that's just me.

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