Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY Wedding Cake

Big Spoon and I agree that cake isn't necessarily our thing. However non-traditional our wedding might be in some respects, I still love the idea of cutting a lovely wedding cake. After some thought, we decided that it wasn't a priority to spend $200 + dollars on a wedding cake, but still want to have the traditional cake-cutting ceremony.

My grandmother has agreed to bake us her delicious from-scratch coconut cake for the purpose of cutting. This means a great deal more to me than going through a bakery. It means a great deal to me to stay within our budget as well as have many DIY projects.

This week, I remembered a blog post I had seen a few months ago about "faux" wedding cakes. When I saw it, I thought "how silly." We have made the decision to cut Granny's cake and serve matching (not sub-par) sheet cake for a fraction of the cost of a towering, traditional wedding cake. However, I keep second-guessing myself.

"Faux" wedding cake might be the answer I've been looking for. I can create this "dummy" months in advance, if I so choose. I can customize it to fit and coordinate with the "real" tier we will be cutting. I can't think of a better compromise both aesthetically and financially.


  1. It's important to note that for the faux cake, the caterers will take the whole shebang back with them to the (hidden) kitchen after we've cut the first piece; they'll magically reappear with loads of (pre-cut?) sheet cake. It makes them look ultra-efficient, too - almost like magicians!

    However, this is also why not to have a carving station at our reception. I can just see the puzzled caterers having trouble slicing through the faux cake, only to bring out the electric knife and send sawdust flying everywhere as they try to cut the "cake"!

  2. I wasn't planning on them moving the faux cake, actually. That's a fine idea. I'm sure the caterer will already have the other cake sliced by the time people are done watching us eat ours, but I understand your "timeline" above.

    However, the caterer does already know about this ;)

  3. this is too cute that you got your fi to do this with you. I'd have to bribe E with something ridiculously good to get him to agree to something like this. :) great meeting you last night! :)