Monday, August 24, 2009


As a native city-boy Westerner, some of the things that come out of Little Spoon's farm girl mouth need translation, repetition, or explanation. Below are some of the things I've had to decode as we've been together.

  1. Buggy is a shopping cart, not something with rubber baby bumpers.
  2. Dinner is the meal eaten at noon, and supper is what's eaten at night. Where did lunch go? No lunch breaks, lunch dates, or lunch hours in the South!
  3. Drawers aren't just for furniture anymore! No, no - they're to be worn under pants or skirts, too! Just make sure you don't soil 'em at dinner. Or supper.
  4. Favor is not something you curry, nor something that indicates a cognitive or emotional preference, like favoring lunch over dinner. Instead, it refers to a genetic resemblance to one parent or another. Hopefully not referring to anything underneath your drawers.
  5. Holler is not a forceful bellow but a geographical location. I hear that because it's holler there, a holler will echo for hours in the holler.
  6. Peep-eye = peekaboo. Not to be confused with pee-pie,which is a delicacy nowhere. Not even in the holler.
  1. "Gettin' it honest" is "favoring" writ large in behavioral terms. If you're a low-down, two-timin', good-fer-nothin' just like your pappy, at least you get it honest.
  2. "Goin' to town" can refer to all manner of errands. When the nearest accoutrement of civilization is miles away, even a trip to the pharmacy is goin' to town.
  3. If a cat or rabbit "just ran across your grave", you just had a chill up your back. You did not just have a premonition about a frustrating afterlife in which the wildlife you're supposed to eat instead dances over your corpse.
  4. "Sure is" - an interjection for emphasis, used to underscore the veracity of the preceding statement. Some would call it redundant. Sure is.

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