Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wedding Hair, Part 1

Have you ever seen Steel Magnolias? Remember the part in the very beginning when Shelby states "I'm wearing my hair down because Jackson likes my hair down."?

After becoming engaged and beginning the wedding planning journey together, Big Spoon has often expressed a preference for my hair being down. Because of work, I typically wear my hair up or in a ponytail - it's just easier.

I had originally thought that I would like an up-do for our wedding day, but after trying on my dress and taking pictures last weekend, I have decided that "down" is the way to go. My mom agrees, my two best friends agree, my sisters agree, the girls at work agree - and it goes without saying that Big Spoon agrees - I should wear my hair down. Or at least half-down.

So far, this is my start on wedding hair inspiration. I'm thinking about something a bit more "edgy", soft and romantic than your standard tight curl.

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  1. A note to future grooms: bribery of mothers, friends, sisters, and girls at work is a wonderful tool :)