Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You Unabridged Bride!

Just a quick post and shout out to Liza Hippler of Maiden to Married and Marie McKinney-Oates of Nashville Marriage Studio for a great workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them both - and their husbands! - as well as meeting the Nashville brides who attended the workshop.

Three of the four of us blog, so please do check out Miss Cassandra's blog and Miss Krista's blog. They are both awesome gals!

If you are a Nashville area bride and you have not met these lovely ladies or attended an Unabridged Bride workshop, you are really missing out! Visit the Unabridged Bride website to stay abreast of new events. Each session was informative and fun, with local vendors and presenters making every installment interesting.

I definitely took some good information away from this workshop, as well as some great prizes from generous local vendors! Big Spoon and I are really looking forward to using our 12-Point Signworks gift certificate to make our wedding "savvy"!


  1. It was so fun meeting and hanging out with you guys! Am I crazy to say I'm going to miss it?

    Loved meeting you and Big Spoon... like being around blogging royalty :D

  2. Little spoon! It was so good to FINALLY meet you at Unabridged Bride! I agree with being around blogging royalty! I've followed your blog for quite some time and had NO clue until our last night at UB that this was you! You on Facebook? I'd love to connect...but unfortunately can't find you. There's a link to my FB profile from my blog. Hit me up! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. It was great to meet all of you, too - but for post volume and relevance to the bridal community, I am but the prince to Little Spoon's queen. Then again, that might create some odd dynamics...err...never mind...

    Marie, you're only crazy for missing it if you didn't enjoy yourself while doing it :)

  4. You all are so sweet! I'm going to miss seeing all you girls each week too. Krista: I've added you on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to see you again soon.