Friday, September 25, 2009

The sign of success

Allow me to gush for a moment.

Recently, I've been able to get money to hire someone on and help me take care of the little things that consume lots of my time but don't need a doctorate to deal with. I had an idea to post signs around and see what came up. However, given Little Spoon's skill set to see if she could do something a little more visually compelling than what I'd devised.

Oh my, did she ever!

What was previously a boring wall of text came alive with the help of simple shading and dotted lines to guide the eye where it needed to go. She said it was a fun break for her, and for me - well, it ended up securing me the person I needed for my work! I can feel a weight lifting off my shoulders now, and after having seen what she did with a humble sign, I'm confident that she'll put together smashing save-the-dates and invitations.

Thank you, Little Spoon, for being a great designer.

1 comment:

  1. Awh, thanks honey! I'm always happy to help with your design needs where I can :) This was a very sweet post - thanks for being my cheerleader.