Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diamonds & Pearls

I was supposed to go to "Veil Night" at Arzelle's tonight, but something about this weather made me want to come home and watch a movie ... maybe sip some hot chocolate! I knew that Big Spoon wouldn't be home from work for awhile, so I headed out to our jewelry store instead.

I say "our" jewelry store because I can't imagine ever using another one as long as we live here! Wholesale Jewelers in Hermitage is stellar.

I have a nearly broken string of pearls that my parents gave me the day I graduated High School. Needless to say, no matter how inexpensive they were, they have sentimental value to me. They are freshwater pearls, not even beaded like the good stuff, but I want to wear them on our wedding day. The jeweler cut me a great deal on having them re-strung and while I was there, I sold some old yellow gold pieces I've held on to for a decade. Who says old high school boyfriends aren't good for something? I made $20 to apply toward my necklace repair. Yay!

My wedding dress is beaded with rhinestones and pearls. Pearls are my birthstone and definitely a favorite of mine - timeless and classic. I'm so excited to have them fixed and someday, hopefully, pass them along to my daughter or grand daughter.

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