Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Websites

Okay, I have a predicament. Most wedding websites really tick me off. The lack of customization is unsatisfactory. Perhaps it works for other brides, but apparently, I'm too picky. I've signed up with just about all of them at this point and they are still annoying.

It makes sense with people coming in from out of town to have travel information online for them. Also, it gives the option of RSVPing online. (Why you wouldn't put a pre-stamped card back in your mailbox is beyond me, but from what I've heard, its gonna happen.)

Did you blogger brides out there create a wedding website in addition to your blog?

I really don't want to pay for one. Its money out of the budget. I've tried to find RSVP widgets for blogger to no avail. I'm stumped. Here's what I have:

Project Wedding - free website, good templates, no RSVP online.
My Wedding - free website, easy navigation, crappy templates.
Wedding Wire - free website, handy tools but less great navigation, crappier templates.
The Knot - we shouldn't even go there.

Sigh. Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. God, when did you update your blog? I have been so remiss in reading - well, for obvious reasons! I'm just now catching up. I had wedding website and I used They have a free one, but $5 a month gets you updates with RSVP and such. HOWEVER, I must warn you: people are lazy. Even a website link will be lost and ignored. By your own parents. Not one person RSVP'd online to our rehearsal gathering and 60+ people came. NOT ONE. We had many people who came to the wedding you had enough trouble putting the pre-stamped RSVP in the mail. It's gonna happen and it's gonna make you crazy. Use a free template and jam as much info on it as you can and hope that some people will reference it. If they ask you a question and the answer is on the website, direct them there to save your sanity and time. Good luck! :)

  2. TSB! Thank you so much for the great advice and for reminding me about! I've seen that and totally forgot. Man, am I dreading the RSVP stuff ... but now, I'm prepared. Hope your first few weeks of married life are quite blissful :)