Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Website Update

After my little rant yesterday, I received some sage advise from the newly married Louise of The Thirty-Something Bride. She helped me to realize that a wedding website is ultimately a utility and a convenience for our guests. It doesn't have to be perfect or  match our wedding colors perfectly. It just has to function relatively easily and be "crammed full" of information.

So, last night, I spent too much some time working with and trying to figure out how to work the templates, organize and navigate wedding websites. Ultimately, I chose to work with

Here's why: The site is easy to use and the online RSVP is free. You can organize and customize pages, add pictures and music, etc. I'm not a huge fan of the template designs offered, but hey, its free. Also, they have teamed up with, so I'm thinking I'll be including that registry for the tech-savvy guests. Its practically the same as, but for some reason or another, their site doesn't function properly in Safari (which is my work web browser). That's a problem.

I'll be adding our wedding website to the sidebar as soon as it has more content :)

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