Thursday, December 03, 2009

I Love Big Spoon's Surprises

I got a dozen beautiful hot pink roses last night! I sooo love flowers ... Big Spoon has always been very cute about bringing them to me. Last night was no exception; he made up an excuse to go back to work, which was completely believable because his work schedule has been really demanding and stressful of late. While he was having dinner, I told him that I should go with him (I forgot to pick up a prescription. Whoops) and he exclaims "No! You can't go with me!" followed shortly by "it was just an excuse to go and buy you flowers!"

Of course, I felt bad about ruining the surprise, but the ruse was precious. I ran out to the pharmacy and when I got home, he followed me in with roses. 

The first time Big Spoon sent me flowers, he asked me beforehand if I would like that sort of thing. I'm not sure why, but I think he wanted to make sure that it wouldn't somehow embarrass me to get them at work (which he hand delivered the next morning). I love my Big Spoon. He is certainly a keeper.


  1. Awww thats sweet!!! Super nice guy! Flowers are the best!

  2. Aww so sweet to comment on my cow post! Isn't it so sad. I have no issues with regular farmers who humainly kill animals for meat.. what I have issues with - is the mass killing and awful treatment. It makes me sad :( I'm glad you agree - I was so worried I would offend people.. :(


  3. Yup, your big spoon rocks. Those flowers are gorgeous!