Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I had my second meeting with a YMCA trainer for the 3N1 program last week. It has now been 35 days since I began working out at the Y and although I can see a difference in muscle mass and a bit of toning, I'm not losing any weight.

I'm hoping that this is just reflective of building muscle to lose inches because I actually gained 4 pounds. Talk about discouraging! No wonder people give up after the first month or so. Let's talk about the fact that I am lifting weights on a dozen different machines between cardio. Damn, it hurts. I can barely get back on the elliptical after doing all of that. I'm slowly building up to 30 minutes of cardio after my 10-minute warm-up, stretches and weight lifting.

I do the above three days a week. My goal is for my weeks to look like this for the next month:

Monday - strength train plus cardio
Tuesday - cardio
Wednesday - strength train plus cardio
Thursday - cardio
Friday - strength train plus cardio
Saturday - free day
Sunday - Yoga class

For those of you who have met your health goals, how do you maintain it, especially after the wedding?

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